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2008 Can-Am Renegade X shock installation for 2007 Renegade
The Renegade was introducted in the 2007 Can-Am lineup and since then, everybody is raving about them. First off, to this day it is the 4x4 quad with the best acceleration on the market and it's popularity is unprecedented if you compare it to other hybrid attempts in the past.

As most of you know, in 2008, Can-Am introduced the X package for the Renegade which includes a bunch of factory installed accessories including handguards, better handle bars, remote reservoir gas shocks, factory skid plate, a better looking seat, new color, etc. The whole package is priced cheap enough that I don't think they've been selling many non-X models in 2008 :)

I bought mine just before the 2008's came out so I could get a deal.. I got the deal, saved alot of money vs a 2008, let alone a X model which weren't exactly competitively priced when they came out (the gap has narrowed alot since then). Little did I know that I would regret this bitterly later on...

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine which has been a long time sports-only dude with his 450R decided to trade performance for reliability. After blowing up his engine or trans for the 5th time in 5 rides, he decided he had enough and bought a Renegade X. I was there on the maiden ride and well, I was a bit hesitant to try it... I had a huntch it might not be such a good idea... but curiosity killed the cat... "Hey man, lemme try it so I can see how this suspension does".

I was so amazed that I was about ready to go to the stealership to trade mine for a X the next week. I didn't actually follow through, figuring I'd loose prolly 4-5K CND on the trade and well my bike is still pretty much brand new, so it didn't make much sense.

Out of the blue, someone sent me an e-mail offering a straight up trade: my 2007 regular Renegade shocks for his 2008 Renegade X shocks. At first I though this can't be real, but I then learned that the popular CATVOS lift kit is not compatable with X shocks, so it started to make sense. The trade went on and I ended up with a set of X shocks for next to nothing (shipping costs).